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For Your Eyes

BrowSense™ Liquid Eye Brow Colour

Liquid Brow colour not only shades and defines your brows beautifully, it has incredible holding power and will not melt off during your busy day!

Define your brow without a pencilled, harsh line. BrowSense™ delivers a natural definition that also fills in the bald patches.

BrowSense™ Application

Shake BrowSense™ prior to application. BrowSense™ offers a unique two-fold delivery system, consisting of a sable brush and a blending wand.

Apply BrowSense™ colour onto the reusable brush and apply short, hair like strokes of colour where needed on the brow.

On the other side you will find a wand, which easily and naturally disperses color where desired by stroking the wand through the brow area that the colour has been applied.

At Lippy Galore we offer our valued customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for an exchange or your money back!