ShadowSense™ Eye Shadow $32

shadowsense CrÈme To Powder

Experience the long-lasting, anti-aging and flawless finish of ShadowSense with SenePlex Complex. Creme to Powder shades can be used as a soft eyeliner, worn separately, layered to accent, contour and highlight, or mixed to create an endless colour spectrum of possibilities.

ShadowSense™ eye colours are creme to powder, set quickly, easy to apply and last all day. They do not crease, they're water resistant, sweat proof and flawless. Lots of beautiful shades and they're all blendable.

ShadowSense™ Application

The applicator in ShadowSense™ has the same configuration as the LipSense® product allowing ease and control in the application.

Apply ShadowSense™ to the eyelid by stroking on the colour with the applicator. You can easily blend ShadowSense™ by lightly stroking the colour over the lid with your fingertip once it is applied.

If a more detailed controlled colouration is desired, or you would like to contour a colour, apply ShadowSense™ with the product applicator, then disperse the colour with a separate sponge, sponge tip applicator, or small make-up brush.

ShadowSense™ Beauty Tips

  • ShadowSense™ products are highly concentrated...a little goes a long way!
       Use sparingly at first, you can build as required.
  • You can use ShadowSense™ as an eyeliner for a smokey finish, it will last all day!
  • You can use ShadowSense™ as a brow colour it will last all day!
  • Dispense all liquid products onto a palette or the back of your hand prior
       to application, this will ensure less contamination.
  • Wash your bushes regularly.
  • If you're using powder products, wash your bushes regularly.
  • Due to build-up of bacteria it is advised that you discard and renew all
       eye products every three to six months.

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