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LashExtend™ Product Information

Key Ingrendients & Benefits

  • SenePeptides -17 - stimulates hair growth.
  • Glycerin - a solvent, an emollient, and humectant that helps keep
    moisture in the cream and helps the product to spread better
    across a surface – reducing drag and pull. – Nontoxic,
    non-irritating and non-allergenic to the skin.
  • Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract - A herb that has been
    shown to have anti-irritant, soothing, and anti-oxidant properties.


Brief History

There used to be only a few players in the market who seemed to control the eyelash growth market. Because of their monopoly hold they could ask...and get...just about any price they wanted from customers who are clamouring to grow fuller, natural lashes and in exchange throw away false eyelashes worn because of ever thinning and breaking lashes.

One of the products in the market place is formulated with glaucoma drugs called prostaglandin or prostaglandins made to treat ocular conditions. Some experts say these ingredients may have long term side effects.

Another lash company launched the first famous lash lengthener into the market place not too long ago...but met up with some legal issues and was forced to reformulate. It now no longer contains the types of drugs as it did in the original formulation. Still claiming to be very effective, the active ingredients in the new formula are peptides said to stimulate growth.

Science behind the Product

Only recently has it been possible to market a cosmetic product which can make the eye lashes grow in a manner that is substantiated by controlled, published, peer-reviewed studies. Hair growth in- vivo DATA proves a 25% increase in hair growth, for thicker and longer eyelashes with one application a day to lashes, after only 2 weeks of use.

LashExtend™ Formulation Benefits

Unlike some of the other formulations offered in the market, LashExtend™ is safe to use as there are no drugs and no concerns of long term side effects in our formulation...and we have clinical studies to substantiate our claims.

At Lippy Galore we offer our valued customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for an exchange or your money back!