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LipSense® Long Lasting Lip Colour

  • Smudge proof, Budge proof, Smear proof
  • Guaranteed not transfer while eating,
       drinking or kissing
  • Non Flaky
  • 100% Sun block
  • Non-Dehydrating
  • Will not bleed into your lip lines
  • Not tested on animals (tested on us)
  • No wax, therefore no internal ingestion
  • No lead (that is rumoured to cause cancer)

Lasting 4 - 18 hours (Longer for some!)

LipSense® is an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks, stains and colours. Your perfect pout is water proof, kiss proof, smear proof, non-smudging and guaranteed not to transfer onto anything! We challenge you to put your pout to the test! Create your own shade by layering colours that are rich and solid, sheer and shimmery - the colour combinations are endless.

LipSense® Gloss

Clear, Pearl, Sand, Matt, Pink, Silver & Gold Glitter Gloss. LipSense® Shea Butter Lip Gloss prolongs the colour, hydrates and moisturisers your lips.

LinerSense® Lip Liner

LinerSense™ is made with the same long lasting technology as LipSense®. Line and Define!

Ooops! Remover

Colour outside the line? Not a problem with Ooops! mistakes are easily erased.

LipSense® Set Collections

Recommended for the first time user is the Set Collection and includes: LipSense Colour, Glossy Gloss and Ooops! Remover.


At Lippy Galore we offer our valued customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for an exchange or your money back!