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LipSense® Application

LipSense Easy, Two Step Application

Colour Then Gloss

  • All tubes have their own re-usable applicators.
  • LipSense® is easy to apply
  • All you need is one practice run for perfection!
  • Three LipSense colours will give you 27 different colour Combinations!

Try applying a different colour over the first layer, the possibilities are endless! For best results: 3 layers will give you the best finish.

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LipSense® Application

LipSense® Application

Three layers is recommended for the staying power. Begin by shake, shake, shaking the tube vertically for 30-60 seconds (after mixing ball begins to rattle) prior to daily use to blend colours. Start with clean dry lips, essential not to have foundation, powder or moisturiser on lips, wet and dry your lips with a hand towel if necessary. LipSense® bonds to the lips.

Follow the natural contour of your lips and apply in one direction with one continuous stroke to upper and lower lips. Do not stroke back and forth. Remember to keep your lips apart until you have applied your Shea Butter Gloss.

LipSense® is almost instant to set on application. By the time you have applied the bottom lip, then the top lip, you're ready for the second layer.

On Application your lips may experience a tingling sensation. This is normal due to dry lips. Once the gloss is applied that sensation completely disappears. Continued use, your lips become softer and more hydrated.

Repeat previous step two more times only this time apply in the opposite direction to ensure you have reached the entire lip surface. Also concentrate on the inside of the lip, that's where the colour will fade first from friction when eating drinking.

Shea Butter Gloss With Vitamin E

Apply moisturising Shea Butter gloss over the colour, then press your lips together. Apply the gloss when required throughout the day and after eating.

The gloss penetrates and prolongs the staying power of LipSense®, your lips will feel smoother, softer and more moist. LipSense® lip colour gives you 100% protection from the sun and wind.

Ooops! Remover

Made a mistake. For a quick fix to erase mistakes use the Ooops!™ Remover and wipe off excess with cotton bud or tissue.

To completely remove colour, using the wand apply Ooops™ Remover, rub lips together and wipe with a damp cloth. LipSense® is easier to remove at the end of the day because it's been exposed to the air.

Once you have experienced LipSense® you will never go back to wax based lipstick.

Most importantly, have fun with it!

At Lippy Galore we offer our valued customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for an exchange or your money back!