LipSense® LinerSense® Long Lasting Lip Liner

Lipsense Linersense $31

Line your lips with your choice of shade, for a more defined and finished look. Includes fine, sable brush for accuracy when applying. LinerSense is the same long lasting, revolutionary formula as LipSense® lip Colour and designed to blend and complement all the LipSense® shades. Water resistant and will not smear off, smudge or rub off.

LinerSense® Application

Shake, shake, shake prior to daily application. LinerSense™ must be applied to clean, dry lips.

Apply to the outer corner of the lip moving the colour in one direction.

Then apply your favourite shade of LipSense®.

TIP: If you don't have LinerSense® use the tip of your LipSense® wand to line your lips.

Tip For Thin Lips

To give the impression of fuller lips, practice going outside your natural lip line with LinerSense® or tip of your LipSense® wand, Your lips will look fuller, naturally!

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