LipSense® Set Collection $74

LipSense® Beginners

The premier product for SeneGence, LipSense is a patented, amazing departure from conventional lip sticks and colours. LipSense is versatile in that  you can mix shades to create a number of effects. Three LipSense® colours will create 27 different shades with our layering technique by alternating the colours. There are no rules as to what colour goes with what...any two shades will surprise. Are you a first time user of LipSense or needing help with a colour? Please feel free to call us 0411 826 356 for assistance.

A Set Collection is recommended for the first time user;

  • LipSense® Colour
  • Shea Butter Gloss
  • Ooops!™ Remover (Corrector)
  • Free gift from Lippy Galore - Lip Mesh Purse & Mirror

If you prefer a Matt, Pearl or Glitter Gloss, please specify in the "Notes" section when checking out.

  • Smudge, Budge, Smear proof & Water Resistant
  • Colour lasts 4-18 hours
  • Guaranteed not to transfer while eating, drinking or kissing
  • No Lead
  • Out lasts up to four tubes of wax lipstick
  • Non-Dehydrating
  • No Wax, does not bleed into your lip lines
  • 100% Sun block

LipSense® Recipes

Some Favourites


2 x Samon 
1 x Shes Apples
Shea Butter Gloss

Soft Fuscia

1 x Kiss for a Cause 
2 x Summer Fun 
1 x Kiss for a Cause
Shea Butter Gloss

Praline Pink

1 x Praline Rose 
2 x Summer Fun 
1 x Praline Rose 
Shea Butter Gloss

Sunset Orange

2 x Summer Sunset
2 x Samon
Shea Butter Gloss

Tomato Red

1 x Blu-Red
2 x Samon
Shea Butter Gloss

Plum Ice

2 x Plum
1 x Mauve Ice
Gold Glitter Gloss

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