Original MakeSense™ Foundation Colour Chart


MakeSense™ Foundations

We Guarantee 24/7 protection from our harsh environment when you use SeneGence® Cellular Renewal Skin Care Products and SenseCosmetics™ as a system.

  • Water resistant and suitable for all skin types.
  • SPF30 Natural cover (no chemicals)
  • Use with SeneDerm™ Day Time Moisturiser for SPF30, natural cover.
  • SeneGence® has gone a step further with all creme cosmetics - they are all formulated with our SeneDerm™ Skin Care ingredient, SenePlex™ Complex™.
  • Protecting your skin daily from our harsh environment


MakeSense™ Selection Tips

  • If you need to tone down the redness of the skin use a yellow based (W) undertone shade of MakeSense™.
  • If a person has a very sallow complexion use pink undertones (C)  shade of MakeSense™ Foundation.

Light Shades

Porcelain (W) Ivory (C) Almond (C) Creme Beige (W) Beige Chiffon (W)

Medium Shades

Dewy (N) Fawn (W) Tan (W)

Dark Shades

Suede (W) Cafe Au Lait (C)

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