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Advanced Cellular Renewal System
with SenePlex™ Complex™

Necessary Ingredients for Healthy Skin

Today, modern scientists are once again turning to nature's gifts and today's botanicals to be used individually or in combinations with each other to create a harmonious effect. The SeneDerm™ formula incorporates many beneficial botanicals and blends them with powerful antioxidants and essential vitamins to create a product line that can truly revitalise the skin.

There is no need to use topical products like acid peels that strip away the signs of aging. The signs of aging will be back the next day and weeks because the cells are still growing to the top of the skin in the typical cellular aging way. When using SeneDerm™ and SenseCosmetics with SenePlex™, healthy skin continuously grows from the bottom up for as long as you use the products.

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SeneSerum-C $85

Formulated with the purest form of Vitamin C available in skincare.

This 100% natural formulation is made of the most advanced anti-ageing ingredients including pure Vitamin C and luxurious, hydrating C-Beads. Designed to protect all skin types from environmental pollutants, it works to repair damaged skin cells and helps to shield skin from future damage. Skin will appear healthier, firmer and younger with regular use. So light, it can be used day and night under moisturizers.

  • Stabilized Vitamin C – necessary for collagen production
  • SeneShield – helps protect cells from immediate free radical damage
  • C-Beads – help reverse cell damage caused by free radicals

    Directions for use

    Apply to clean moist skin, place one to two pumps onto fingertips. Massage gently around eye area, all over face and décolletage for at least 30 seconds until pearls have completely absorbed.

    SeneDerm™ Climate Control $75

    SeneDerm Climate Control

    Suitable for all skin types. Think of it as moisture in the purest of forms - so small molecularly, it provides the deepest and most effective hydration to your skin. This moisturising spritz delivers pure SenePlex Complex, natural oils and beneficial ingredients for cellular repair to the skin at the deepest level. A unique delivery system separates the two key ingredients until shaken, combined and activated for use. 

    Directions for use

    Prime pump for first time use. Pump several times onto the skin to evacuate bottle. Shake vigorously to activate. Once activated always activated. Spritz onto face, neck or body and massage into skin.
    Use before applying Daytime or Evening Moisturisers for the greatest benefit.

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