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LipSense & SenseCosmetics

On the beach, swimming taking a sauna LipSense never leaves you!
LipSense Australia and The Great Barrier Reef

Applied my LipSense® at 8am had breakfast, lunch and snorkeling at 2pm. We all had to wear stinger suits and when the photo's arrived (around 80 tiny pics) we all looked the same! I thought I would be looking for ages until...YES, THAT'S ME! The one with the bright pink lips and, no touch ups during the day!

Rhonda Renkert - Taringa QLD

I lead a very busy life, that involves public speaking events. It frustrated me that everytime I needed to get into a photograph I had to check my lipstick and do the repairs. That problem was solved when I started using LipSense, by SeneGence. In a two step application of colour and then LipSense Lip gloss, and then keeping the lips moist with regular applications of the gloss, I could get through a whole day, looking like I'd just applied the lipstick. The colour in this photograph is Blu-Red, and it doesn't come off on cups, glasses or clothes. Add to this the money saver of having used the same product, almost everyday, for over a year, and this lipstick is a real winner. Thank you SeneGence.

Kate Howarth Central Coast NSW -
Author "Ten Hail Marys"

LipSense, EyeSense, ShadowSense, LashExtend & Clear LipVolumizer

LipSense is an outstanding lip colour that really does stay put for longer than anything I have tried, I have used it for years, and was so happy to find it available in Australia and even better from a wonderful seller :-)

Rhonda is the best, and helped me no end in trying to choose the colour I was after...I highly recommend this product and it's wonderful seller!

Sigrid M - Toowoomba QLD

Champagne LipSense® & Pearl Gloss

LipSense® I was reluctant to try at first because I had tried everything on the market and had always found lip sticks too cakey or messy on my teeth and clothes while lip glosses came off way too quick and the lip stainers always looked fake or the wrong colour for me. Once I tested this product and wore it for the day I was very impressed. I have worn it ever since and recommend it to anyone wanting an easy to apply, natural looking and feeling lip colour that lasts.

Kate D - Gailes Brisbane QLD

Blu-Red LipSense® & Glossy Gloss


Congratulations to Lenita and her Team who had an awesome day receiving "Highly Commended" in Under 10 Ballet at the McKensie Dance Eisteddfod!

Long days which require a long lasting lipstick. LipSense® of course and Blu-Red being the operative shade!

Lenita rocks at the Wild Child Acting and Dance Studio Springwood, QLD.

LipSense® & Pearl Gloss

I have come to the end of a much loved lipstick which I have had for years and was quite upset to find I'd reached the end of it yesterday, and pleased I could order another one so easily.

I think it says Cranberry on the bottom of it, i'ts lovely and bright. I'm a Red Hatter and it just goes with all the red I wear. Something similar would also be ok if it is now obsolete. Perhaps you could advise me of the situation. LipSense® stays on so well, expensive, but I'm not reapplying it frequently like other lipsticks.

Margaret (Queen of Vice) Bundaberg Rum City Reds

Blu-Red LipSense® & Glossy Gloss

My young daughter is a competitive dancer. It's a long day during competition, lots of nibbles (Rice Crackers etc), and sipping all day from her water bottle.

I discovered LipSense® about three years ago, and I swear by it. I don't have to re-apply my daughters lipstick after eating or drinking and there are never any lipstick marks on her costume, noticeably more if she's wearing white. LipSense® is magic, it lasts all day. We wouldn't use anything else.

Nadine M - Sarina QLD

MakeSense Foundation™ and a huge collection of LipSense® Shades!

I own and run a busy Hairdressing Salon in Brisbane.
Rhonda introduced me to LipSense® five years ago and have been spreading the word since. I love the MakeSense foundation, great cover, weightless and the finish is flawless.
Amazing products, amazing service!

Vicki McLaughlan
Sassi at Toowong - Brisbane p: 07 3719 5599

LipSense, Foundation, ShadowSense & BlushSense

There are not enough words to express my profound and utter delight when I found out about your beautiful range of SeneGence® Cosmetics. My job as a Celebrant means that I spend a lot of time outdoors and often in very hot conditions and your range of cosmetics are just excellent for these conditions.

I really love the way you demonstrate all your products and your expertise on how to get maximum performance from them. I have recommended you and your products to my colleagues and friends as I know they would enjoy and get maximum benefits out of all your products just as I have done.
Thanks again Rhonda.

Debbie Scott Brisbane QLD - Dusk to Dawn Celebrant

I bought a lipstick and gloss from you maybe at the end of last year for my dancing and I would like to just say it is great and it is a fabulous colour, doesn't smudge and lasts all day! I'm using it again this weekend for a competition as well. Thanks Rhonda

Julieann I - Brisbane QLD

I do not bother looking elsewhere for lipstick, LipSense® is for me! Also, Rhonda provides the "ultimate" service!

Moya H - Moura QLD

LipSense®, Gold Glitter Gloss, MakeSense™ Foundation, Pearlizer, ShadowSense™, LashSense™, BlushSense™

When I was a teenager I travelled to school by tram and frequently sat opposite a woman aged 50+. She had jet black hair and so much make up on - thick pancake foundation, lipstick leaking from wrinkled lips etc. I vowed then that as I aged and became wrinkled I would not look like that woman! I wouldn't wear make-up! I wore only a little 60+. Brown spots appeared etc. Then I met Rhonda at the hairdresser!

Rhonda talked to me about SeneGence® and suggested I trial some product. I was delighted with the results! The Foundation stayed on all day, Lipsticks did the same, and did not run. I was confident for the first time in using Mascara - no smearing - stayed on until removed at night! I love all the lip glosses, especially the evening ones with the diamond chips. They sizzle!

My lifestyle is such that I am in the public eye often and need to feel the confidence that using the SeneGence® products provides.

I highly recommend these products to women of all ages!
Thank you Rhonda!

Anne W - Brisbane QLD

I have been using the LipSense® products for about 2 years now and will never go back to conventional lipsticks. In fact, just last week I gave away 8 or so tubes of perfectly good lipstick as I really didn’t want the hassle of wearing them again. I love applying the lipstick once in the morning and knowing that as a teacher with no time to get to a mirror, my lips will not be faded and pale but still in tact by the afternoon. Every time I see women reapply after eating I am so tempted to approach them and say ‘try this’. I really love it and, for a change, it is a product which really lives up to its promises.
Thank you Rhonda. 

Evelyn C - St Johns Wood QLD

The only lipsick that stays the distance, does not bleed and looks amazing !

Louise F - Yeronga QLD

Introduced to LipSense® four years ago. I have been using ever since and wouldn't use anything else. It just stays on and does not transfer onto anything...I love it!

Jo M - St Lucia QLD

"LipSense is sensational". No more lipstick marks on wine glasses. No more lipstick marks on collars. No more lipstick on pillow cases.

It's hard to believe that a litpstick can stay on all day isn't it? Well it's true, it does stay on all day and you can even wake up in the morning looking glamorous.I have never worn a lipstick with such confidence in knowing that I don't have to keep checking to see if it's still on. I can't spread the word fast enough!

Monica T - Chapel Hill QLD

I have been using LipSense® for four years, I don't use anything else and I won't be using anything else. I like the supplier very much and the excellent service!

Dorothy A - New Farm Brisbane QLD

Thanks very much for the wonderful service and products you’ve posted to me over the past few years.

I know I’m not very adventurous with my lip colours but I really do find that Fuscia & Samon see me through both summer and winter..and one of each colour lasts me a good six months of the year. Not bad, seeing I own a Bed & Breakfast and use lippy every single day. And I always get comments about the bright clear colours..still…after three years I think it is now, of using your products, firstly, from buying from you at the Markets then you posting them to me after that initial use. They really are the best lipstick I’ve used. I ran out last year for a week or so…and tried a Revlon one, but it wasn’t a patch on LipSense. But I had to compare, and others just don’t! I even tried a lipgloss which was made from vegetable dyes, but it didn’t work anywhere nearly as well as LipSense. Then my little parcel from Brisbane arrived and all was well again in the Broken Hill camp!!

Thanks again.

Barbra Kavanagh-Gough Broken Hill Outback NSW
Caledonian B & B

LipSense®, Day Moisturiser, BlushSense® Translucid Loose Powder & MakeSense™ Foundation

I stumbled upon this wonderful collection of products at the Eagle Street Market one Sunday morning three years ago, when I was looking to replenish my cosmetics. In one fell swoop, I had everything I needed to keep presentable and professional all day! During the almost fifty years I have been wearing makeup, I have never used anything so convenient, and enduring. I am always confident that it will see me through the day. I know I have saved heaps, as the products last and last, and I don't need to experiment with anything else. This is the answer for me!

Congratulations Rhonda and thanks.

Barb Y - Araluen QLD

MakeSense™ Foundation, EyeSense™, LashSense™,BlushSense™ & LipSense®

I have been using the SeneGence products for a number of years now and can never see myself going back to traditional lipsticks - these are wonderful for all day wear in an office and even after a coffee or lunch your lip colour still looks good - all you need is to use the clear gloss once or twice to keep it looking fresh. Even on a trekking trip in Tasmania a couple of years ago, I took my lippy along and felt able to face the world each morning after putting on my lippy. It's a wonderful product!

Anne M - The Gap QLD

I recieved the parcel today, thank you very much for a quick delivery, the colour is lovely on the lips. (Rose Ice LipSense®).

Sue E. NSW

The best lipstick I have ever used. Does not feather or bleed. The only one that works properly. I highly recommend LipSense® to anyone looking for a long lasting lip colour that works. I love it!

Lee F - Emerald QLD

I just love LipSense®, you will never lose me!

Debra H - Burbank QLD

I first came upon these lipsticks in America through a Beautician for the "Stars of Hollywood". The Lipsticks stayed 24 hours. Definitely the only product that I have found to live up to its claims!!!

Betty S - NSW

Thanks for your email. I really appreciate you heading me in the right direction. I have decided to go with the beige champagne and the praline that you suggested. I have just placed the order. Thanks again, Kind regards.

Melanie F - NSW

LipSense® set lasts really long and it comes with a lip colour, gloss and remover - how good is that? The application process is a little different to the typical lipsticks as well. The applicator is like a lip brush and just apply the liquid lipstick in one direction only otherwise you would remove the already applied colour. Also, leave your mouth slightly open for a couple of seconds to let it to dry. Then I like to top a layer of gloss on top and I find that this improves the longevity of the product on my lips. I found that was easy to apply once I got used to the application technique and was very pigmented too. The remover is also fantastic because this product is so long lasting that you need a good remover like this one. One of my favourite things is that LipSense creates this fantastic product without any harmful ingredients like lead or dyes. This product gives a new meaning to long lasting lip product, so if that is what you are looking then your search has ended!

June C - WA

I'm struggling to choose the lip products I need without buying another item I won't use. I have had Neutral for years and need another. But I need help in choosing something on the fuscia/pinky line and the right gloss. I have my 40th coming up and really would like to make an order over the March period at the very latest. I can only wear LipSense and have never bought colour since I made the order some 5 years ago! With thanks.

Sharon M - VIC

Thank you so much for the samples. I was really happy with the foundation .
I would like to eventually purchase a kit...the products sound fantastic.

Marie K - VIC

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