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SeneDerm® Solutions Skin Care  Testimonials

Today, modern scientists are once again turning to nature's gifts and today's botanicals to be used individually or in combinations with each other to create a harmonious effect. The SeneDerm™ formula incorporates many beneficial botanicals and blends them with powerful antioxidants and essential vitamins to create a product line that can truly revitalise the skin. 

SeneDerm™ 3-in-1 Cleanser (Normal/Dry)

I started using Dermalogica when my pubescent acne erupted. After finishing my third bottle (acne was still prevalent) Mum suggested I try the SeneGence® 3-in-1 Cleanser. My acne disappeared over night - I'm now twenty one, and still prone to breakouts if I don't use the cleanser twice daily.

Matt R - Brisbane QLD AU

3-in-1 Cleanser, Climate Control, SeneSerum-C, Day/Night Moisturiser

SeneGence stands behind its claims 100% and they have won me for life!

I have used SeneDerm Skin Care since its launch in AU just over five years ago. I was sceptical, but was reassured by the 100% money back guarantee. Four years on and I am still loving it.

I can verify that after using the skin care that my skin has lessened in that oiliness (not completely gone), and my skin is much more refined in texture and firmness. Gone is the dull dead look that generally occurs with oily skin.

The cleanser is a beautiful non foaming gel (Normal/Oily) that is so gentle and non-drying. I also have sensitive skin that flares very easily, many products for oily skin would leave my skin looking very stressed.

I am a very strong advocate of this innovative product range and will not waste my time or money on anything else again.

Rachel B - QLD AU

Wow - how do I pick one favourite product when I love them ALL? I love the 3 in 1 Cleanser, my skin feels soft as a baby's bottom after I use it!

Flo Fisher USA

My favourite product is the skin care. I have people constantly approaching me, telling me I do not look even close to 50 years old. I love it! My face is my advertisement - I sell more skin care than anything else!

Jane Peterson US

I am REALLY impressed with the normal to oily skincare samples you sent me. I usually have an oily T zone and I find most moisturisers are either too oily or too drying. Your product is just right. It looks matt without drying me out so my skin feels soft, hydrated and not shiny.

As soon as I can I will make a purchase. I will give you a call to place my order. Many thanks.

Debbie B - NSW AU

3-in-1 Cleanser, Polishing Exfoliator, Endothermic Face Mask, Climate Control, SeneSerum-C, Night Moisturiser & LipSense®

Thank you for sending my products so quickly and many thanks to Allanah who introduced me to this great product.

For over a year now I have been having terrible trouble with my skin, dry, flaking, was reacting to everything that I used. When Alannah said let me give you a facial I was very dubious, but I succumbed and glad I did. I now have my skin back - wooohoooo! I have never seen my skin look so good, even my clients have commented on how different I look :) - at least 10 years younger. I have also been using the cosmetics and I have to say that they are the best I have ever used. I do my makeup at 8am and it is still on (and perfect) at 9pm when I take it off. No touch ups only a bit of lip gloss. Thank you once again. I would recommend these products to everyone. Thank you.

Sue J - Springwood QLD AU

SeneDerm SkinCare is so simple - one cleanser and 2 moisturizers give great results without multiple supplements!

Barb Flack - USA

Day Time Moisturiser Natural SPF 15 Day Moisturiser - Normal/Dry & Normal/Oily

One of my favourite products is the Daytime Moisturiser. Since I have slightly oily skin, I really appreciate the fact I can wear a daytime moisturizer that is light, easy-to-wear under my foundation and gives me an SPF 15 equivalent sun protection that lasts all day!

Thanks a million, SeneGence, for making my life easier with products that REALLY WORK!

Roxanne Kumasaka USA

My favourite product is the skin care. I have people constantly approaching me, telling me I do not look even close to 50 years old. I love it! My face is my advertisement - I sell more skin care than anything else!

Jane Peterson USA

I walked into a meeting tonight, a girlfriend came up to me and asked, "What are you doing, girl - did you have something done?" I simply handed her the SeneGence Beauty Book. She replied, "Is that all? I noticed something very different about you and you look wonderful!"

Kitty Wiemelt USA

Advanced-Moisturization - SeneSerum-C

I have been using SeneSerum-C for the past two weeks and feel it is wonderful.

I am in chemotherapy at this time and the Serum-C has helped to make my skin look and feel fully moisturized and youthful. It is minimizing the blotches and has taken away the dryness chemotherapy can cause. I use it daily after Climate Control and before the Evening Moisturizer.

The Shea Butter Body Crème and SeneDerm Body Lotion have especially been beneficial. No one can believe I'm in chemotherapy. Even my own doctor said I look wonderful and he's amazed.

I use MakeSense™ Foundation, the ShadowSense™, BlushSense™, EyeSense™, LashSense™ and of course LipSense® and Gloss.

Take a bow. This product is a winner.

Andrea Mervin USA

This is a miracle. I had very, very deep lines above and below my lips for many, many years as a result of being a smoker (and of course, age-related, as well).

After using the serum for about 7-10 days I noticed those awful, deep lines are disappearing and the skin seems to be filling in around the lips. The lines are still there but are very faint.

My husband says my face looked shinier. After washing my face, it feels squeaky-clean! I am just thrilled with my results. Thank you.

Surri Klein USA

Climate ControlMy neck looks ten years younger. I hate my "before" picture. It is embarrassing to realize how bad it was! After just five weeks of using SeneSerum-C every night (along with Climate Control and Evening Moisturizer, which I had already been using), there is such an amazing difference!

Jeri Taylor-Swade USA

I can see and feel the difference. I told my husband he couldn't have any because I want to look younger than him!

Sheila Young USA

Foundation & DayTime Moisturizer

To give a testimonial to my ONE favourite SeneGence product would be almost impossible, because they are ALL my faves. But, since using DayTime Moisturizer and MakeSense™ Foundation for the last five years plus, my pale face has not gotten sunburned, even a hint of red and no peeling!

I can't tell you how much this means as my white, Irish-English face, (especially my nose) has burned and peeled for years - especially in the winter skiing! I have spent hours in the sun at summer festivals and never so much of a tinge.

What makes me even happier is that, since using SeneGence, I have not had to put a commercial sunscreen on my face, (which always made me break out). Now my skin stays clear and soft and when I need more colour, SeneGence is there with whatever I need!

Lynn Larkins USA

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